325th Glider Infantry Regiment
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Post  sands [325th gir] on Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:08 am

Unit History of F Co 401st/K Co 3rd Battalion 325th GIR 82nd AB

The 325th along with the 326th and 327th were Infantry Regiments belonging to the 82nd Infantry Division. On August 15, 1942 The 82nd Infantry Division was converted to an Airborne Division. The 325th Infantry Division was converted to a Glider Infantry Regiment within the new 82nd Airborne Division. The 326th and 327th Infantry Division was transferred to the newly organized 101st AB Division where they would become Glider Infantry as well. (see 325 history website)

It was in the 101st AB Division were K Coy 325th finds it roots. The unit was originally F Co 401st GIR 101st AB. Here they trained with the 101st AB Division as Glider Infantry. On September 4th 1943 the 401st GIR was transferred to England. There the training continued for the invasion of Europe. (see 401 history website)

In March of 1944 the 401st GIR was split. It was determined that both the 327th GIR 101st AB and 325th GIR 82nd AB each needed a 3rd Battalion. The 1st Battalion 401st stayed with the 101st AB, but moved to the 327th GIR as their 3rd Battalion. The 2nd Battalion 401st moved to the 82nd AB were they were attached for the remainder of the war and officially became K Co 325th by the end of the war. They would be known on many accounts as 3rd Battalion F-401st/K-325th. (see 401 history website)

On June 6th 1944, F-401/K-325 GIR 82nd AB arrived in Europe not on gliders but by landing craft. They landed in Normandy on Utah Beach with the 746th Tank Battalion. The mission was to secure the LZ-W for the 325th Gliders to land the next day. During this mission they saw action against Germans while trying to secure the landing zone. The next day they hooked up with the rest of the 325th after the landings. (see Lets Go! by Pierce Ch 10 pg 109)

On June 9th F-401/K-325 along with the rest of the 3rd Battalion of the 325th GIR succeeded in making a daring frontal assault across the causeway over the Merderet River. The 325th saw action in Normandy until July 8th, 1944 when they were stationed in a reserve area in Le Comterie France. (see Lets Go! By Pierce Ch 13 pg 141-167)

On September 24th, 1944 the 325th GIR took part in Operation Market Garden. Their mission was to secure the Grave and Nijmegen bridges near Nijmegen Holland. During this time F-401/K-325 saw heavy action in the Kiekberg Woods. (see All Americans Ch 27 pg 132-137)

In December, 1944 into January, 1945 The 325th GIR Took part in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes forest. The 325th was assigned the job of defending the area around Werbomont. During the Battle of the Bulge the 325th decimated two German Divisions. Between January 3-10, 1945 they pushed the Germans back 7 miles ending with the capture of the town Grand Sart. (see Lets Go! By Pierce Ch 19 Pg 230-259)

After 16 days of rest the 325th GIR was back into action moving onto Wereth towards Germany. They attacked Wereth on January 29 1945 and took control of the town in an astonishing 2 hours. (see Lets Go! By Pierce Ch 23 pg 271)

On February 2, 1945 the 325th attacked the Siegfried line in the Hurtgen Forest. They captured the towns of Neuhof and Udenbreth and pushed all the way to the Roer River. Here they saw the heaviest casualties of the war next to the Merderet River crossing during the Normandy invasion. Once at the Roer River they soon received good news that the mission to cross it had been rescinded and they were taken off the front line to rest. (see Lets Go! By Pierce Ch 23 pg 272-280)

Once at Camp Sissonne, France Orders came through on March 10th, 1945 officially making the attached 2nd battalion 401st permanent members of the 325th GIR. At this time Company F-401 would be known only as 3rd Battalion K-325th GIR 82nd AB Div. (see history of the 325th Ch 7 pg 117)

On May 1st, 1945 the 325th crossed the Elbe River on a pontoon bridge. On May 2nd they moved towards the town of Lubtheen Germany. It was here that German Lt. General Tippelskirch surrendered the German 21st Army. This ended the combat missions of the 325th GIR. (see Lets Go! By Pierce Ch 25 pg 290-294)

For the remainder of the war they would serve occupation duties until the unit was sent back to the states in 1946 and the unit was deactivated on December 15, 1947. (see 325th website)

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The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment during World War II
Website link: www.ww2-airborne.us/units/325/325.html

The 401st Glider Infantry Regiment unit History
Website link: www.ww2-airborne.us/units/401/401.html
sands [325th gir]
sands [325th gir]

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