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Post  Rec. Borg [325th GIR] on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:46 am

Name(Last, First): Borg, Eric
Age (Include Date): 1994/06/05/4890
Country: Sweden
State, Province: Skåne, Malmö
Time Zone: GT + 1

Contact Information

Valid Email:
Steam ID (the numbers): STEAM_0:0:26606368
Steam account name: Ericboy95

Recruitment Information

Who recruited you?: Rec. Nickolsky
Why did you decide to join the 325th GIR: Sounds like a very good realism unit/group/unit. i see forward to play with [325th GIR] and play some realism, and i love to play realism.! and the realism rules.
How long have you played Realism?: for 2½ years
What Units, and Rank, have you achieved in other units?(ranks and units): i´ve been in the following units: [506th], [89th ID], [5th ID] and in following ranks :(Rec), Pvt, Pfc, Cpl, S/sgt.

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Rec. Borg [325th GIR]

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Accepted: Borg App Empty Stean ID

Post  Brown [325th GIR] on Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:40 am

Go in a game in DOD:s and Type status in console search for you own name and copy the numers after your own name thats your Steam ID
Brown [325th GIR]
Brown [325th GIR]

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Post  sands [325th gir] on Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:28 am


Please Change Your Name to :
Rec. Borg [325th GIR]

change your avatar to the correct one.

Welcome to 325th GIR!

also fix your Forum name to:
Borg [325th GIR]
sands [325th gir]
sands [325th gir]

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