325th Glider Infantry Regiment
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Post  sands [325th gir] on Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:24 pm

Commanding Officer: Capt. Sands
Executive Officer: 1st Lt. Kitten
First Squad
Squad Leader: S/Sgt. Dolmat
Assistant Squad Leader: Sgt. Mckenzie
Squad Member: Hayes
Squad Member: Masucci
Squad Member: Mendez
Second Squad
Squad Leader: S/Sgt. Nickolsky
Assistant Squad Leader: Sgt. Hathaway
Squad Member: Borg
Squad Member: Carpelan
Squad Member: Aguilar
Squad Member: Greenwood
Squad Member: Stromback
Squad Member: Thompson
Squad Member: O'Hanlon
sands [325th gir]
sands [325th gir]

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